We Are Stars

posted Apr 16, 2014, 2:05 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 17, 2014, 1:04 PM ]
    I have loved this song for quite a while now. I first heard it on the radio and loved it. I never knew what it was called until yesterday during art class when I asked my friend Leanne what it was called. Now I'm going to tell you 3 reasons why I love this song.

1. The "rap". When I say this there is no rap in this song. But there is a part where it goes a lot faster than the other parts. It is sung by  Alyssa Ried which might be a suprise to you. Girls are not good as singing raps as boys but think about it. What about Nicki Minaj? Right? Anyways I just think it's a great addition to this song.

2. The meaning. This song teaches you to believe in yourself. In the "rap"(as I like to call it) some of the lyrics were...

 We are the kings and queens of hearts that break
We may fall in between the cracks
Living life like it's just a game of blackjack
I don't know how but we always find our way back
Looking back when I was just a little girl with a big dream living in a lonely world
Life is impossible so believe that you're unstoppable

Those last 2 lines are really meaningful. It is so inspirational it motavates me to do something. Believing that you are unstopable is amazing. When I read those lines/listen to those last 2 lines it makes me feel like I am powerful and can do something to change the world.

3. The collaboration. It love these 2 voices together in this song. It makes it sound so much better with it.  Both of the smooth voices mixed together sounds AMAZING!  The female singer, Alyssa Reid adds a great touch to the song. Whenever there is a collaboration, I always think it's a better song.

Those are the top 3 reasons why I love this song.