How To Make a Samsung Phone Look like an S5

posted May 19, 2014, 4:59 PM by Unknown user
Today, I'm not going to be doing the usual stuff but I'm going to do tech stuff which is partially related to video games??? You can do this with only Samsung phones running 4.2 Jelly Bean+. The phone I'm using is a Bell Galaxy Note 3 (N900W8) You have to be rooted for some things.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for whatever happens to your device. If you are rooted, you should know what you are doing, but if you aren't sure what to do, I recommend not doing this because you are replacing system files with new ones and it can potentially harm your phone.

Following things will require a root:
Notification Shade
Settings (with download booster)
Boot animation

For the notification shade, you need to be rooted and you need to have a file explorer like ES File Explorer with Superuser access. Go to system/ and find build.prop. When you find it, edit it and scroll down until you find and ro.product.device. There will be a model name there and you will have to change both to SM-N900S. Here's a picture to confirm how it looks like. After that, do a system reboot and you should have something like this.

For the settings, you need to replace SecSettings.apk located inside system/priv-app with a different file. You also need to set the permissions to the following on the bottom. I haven't tried this one out yet though For the original SecSettings.apk, rename it to SecSettings2.apk so that it doesn't get used. The link to the SecSettings is.. 
If it isn't named SecSettings.apk, rename it to that. Do a system reboot after. You should also get the download booster mode-thing.

It should look something like this.

For the boot animation, you will need a custom recovery and a root. First of all, download the boot animation here:, Once you get the file, do not extract it. Send it to your phone inside system, and power off your phone. Now, you need to boot into recovery mode by holding Power+Home+VolumeUp at the same time. Once you loaded the phone up, select the zip file and flash it to your phone. Then you can reboot and you are done!

Now for the things that you don't have to root for:
Lockscreen Animation

For the wallpaper, all you have to do is set these as your wallpaper. This part is so simple your grandma can do it.

Lock Screen                                                                      Home Screen

For the lockscreen, all you have to do is download Galaxy Locker by X-ANDEV from the Google Play store and set it to "Particle unlock" with default wallpaper.. This will work on any Android device.

That's about it I guess, and once again if you don't know what you are doing replacing system files, you shouldn't alter the notification shade, settings, or boot animation.