How to Make Samsung Phones Faster

posted May 26, 2014, 7:04 PM by Unknown user
Samsung phones are really fast when it comes to speed, but it could be faster if you mess around with the settings. You can do lots of things to speed it up like disabling animations, or the lock screen. Its simple and easy to do, and can significantly boost your phones speed. You don't have to root for this, so all you have to do is disable some settings. This can also make the battery last longer. 

1. Disable S Voice (if you have it)

When you get the phone, there's a double tap home button for S Voice shortcut thing, and because its double tap home button, theres lag when you hit the home button once because its waiting for S Voice input.. If you have no use for S Voice, you can get rid of it by going into S Voice, menu key, settings, and unchecking Open via the home key. Now, when you double tap the home button, S Voice wont pop up and delay a home button press.

2. Disable Animations

By disabling animations, it can speed up our phone because TouchWiz doesnt need to show any fancy animations, and it can just do what its supposed to do. To disable animations, you need to go to Settings, and then hit more. You then need to activate Developer Mode by hitting Build Prop 7 times. Once you did that, enter the developer options and scroll down to Window Animation Scale and select Animation is off. Repeat this for transition animation scale and animator duration scale.

3. Disable the Lockscreen

This is disappointing. I love my lockscreens because theyre pretty. But if youre that desperate for speed, then why not.
To disable your lockscreen, you need to go to settings, and my device. Once youre there, hit Lock Screen and choose none. Now the lock screen is gone but if you need the security for your phone keep the lockscreen on. 

And thats pretty much all. Im sorry that my little quotation mark things arent in this post and my writing looks horribly dumb. I recently switched to Windows 8 (which sucks) and the keyboard doesnt like me and makes the quotation marks turn into weird French Es. So in terms of the actual blog itself, thats pretty much it and it should speed up your phone a lot if you are willing to sacrifice a good phone experience for a measly few seconds of your time.