My Blog is Better Than Yours~

posted Feb 10, 2014, 6:34 PM by Unknown user
I think my blog is better than yours (not really) because first of all, I have pictures of my own for my previous post. I did this because I didn't find any other pictures on this specific thing, all I could be able to do is snapshot some pictures of a video tutorial. Then I would have to crop it and the quality of the picture would be horrible. Plus, I would just be stealing. Plagiarism, more like juvy for a year. It would also be more efficient because I don't have to search for horrible clipart. The second thing that makes my blog better is that I blog frequently. And by frequently, I mean last minute. I am usually caught up on blogs and my blogs are qood quality paragraphs enough to bore you to sleep. Bleh.
Lastly, my blog is better because I can bore you to death with lectures that I write for homework every IT class. Yay.

Have a wonderful screen capture of me writing this horrible blog.