Coloured Water?

posted May 5, 2014, 12:59 PM by Unknown user
    Everyone thought that the colour of the water is blue.  Well, whoever thinks that, it's wrong.  Water is actually transparent in other words it has NO COLOUR.  So then, everyone asks why do we see it blue.  We see it blue because the water's colour is reflected from the sky which is blue.  Why does it have to be blue?  The colour of the sky has to be blue because the colour blue has a wavelength strong enough to penetrate the Earth's sky and change it to the colour blue.  Which is then reflected to our Ocean.
Some people call it coloured water because it's in the colour blue but it actually isn't, it's just normal water {not coloured} that we see as blue except that it's transparent.  The water is blue because it's reflected from the sky.  The sky got the colour blue from the blue wavelength when the light splits into seven colours.