Swimming In The Olympics

posted Mar 5, 2014, 11:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 20, 2014, 11:03 AM ]
    Swimming in the Olympics is a big honor.  It's a big honor because that means you get to inspire your country in swimming.  The best inspired country is the U.S.A .  It's the most inspired country because of the best & fastest swimmer in the world:- Michael Phelps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He has won 22 medals:- 18 gold, 2 silver & 2 bronze!!!!!  The top 5 ranks in the 2012 summer olympics for swimming were:-
1:- U.S.A
2:- China
3:- United Kingdom
4:- Russia
5:- South Korea

    Unfortunately, Canada is in 36th rank in the summer olympics.  They are in the 36th rank because they pour all their hard work on the winter olympics every four years.