Toxic Water

posted May 28, 2014, 3:33 PM by Unknown user
Keeping the water clean is a very hard job for humans.  Back then, it was easy because there was nothing that was thrown in the water that was toxic.  They didn't throw anything because life was hard to survive without water so they kept the water in this form, until the pollutions started from factories that the humans built.  Some ways that you can keep the water clean are:-

a) You could fish out any junk from the water.
b) You could make a peaceful protest so that they can filter all the water.
c) Try to convince people to not throw things in the water.

If we won't pollute our water I'd say the human civilization would last a few centuries long.  If we keep polluting our water then there won't be anything to drink since the water is toxic & we'd all die from dehydration.