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11 Connor- Lord Of The Rings

Hi my name is Connor and I am adventures and I really like sports as in soccer, baseball and tennis. I have a pet geko Flash. He is the most amazing pet that you could ever have.. I am a person who really likes warcraft or world of tanks so I play it every day. well that is a little about me so thanks comment it....


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Dwarves are a very mighty race who will never give up a fight. Dwarves are masterd at killing monsters bigger than them, like dragons and trolls. Dwarves own the biggest castle in all of middle earth.

Gandalf the gray and white

posted May 20, 2014, 11:02 AM by Unknown user

Gandalf is one of the most important characters in all the movies including the hobbit. He is the only character that is in every movie.


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berserkers are one of the many urks to attack helms deep one of the beserkers kills a great elf lord defending the castle Helms Deep. 


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Lurtz is the commander of the uruk hai he kills one of the main heros that helps frodo. Lurtz does play a really big part in the lord of the rings trilogy, he kill Boramir. Lurtz is lead by the wizard saruman the wicked, Lurtz is onne of the only uruk-hai that knows how to use a bow which is why he is the captain of all the uruk-hai. That is all I half to say about Lurtz wait till my next blog.


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Frodo is the main character in the movie. He ends up destroying the one ring, Frodo has a company of men, a dwarf, three other hobbits like him and an elf. Frodo first sets of with the three hobbits, then he gets the rest of the company in the elf kindom of Rivendell, home of the great elf king Elrond. In lord if the rings there are two parts played, one is the war of good and evil, the other is frodo trying to destroy the ring. Frodo also ends up with a guide named Golum, who is actually trying to destroy them and take the ring for himself. Frodos best friend named Samwise gamgie but Frodo calls him Sam. They set of on journeys throughout Middleearth, battleing monsters like orcs, trolls, spiders, and uruk'hai.


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Isengard is one of the two towers in the movie, it is the home of Saruman the wicked who serves Souron. Isendard plays a big partb of the lord of the rings trilogy, It is where the march of the Ents  happens which makes the eye of souron the last tower in morder. Isengard makes the Ents realize that they can also fight in this war for the one ring.  

macklemores song

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macklemores song is not appropriate for most people, and the lyrics can be offensive to people that are some of those things.


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Mordor is the capital city of evil, well its not really a city but, it is still the capital of evil. Mordor is very plain, it has very little buildings. It has more camp like buildings like something you would find more of an encampment not a city. Underground, Mordor is a different story. It is filled with Orcs, Wargs and lava pits. Another part of Mordor is the volcano next to Mordor named Mount Doom. Mount Doom plays a big part of the movie, it plays the final part when Frodo destroys the Ring Of Power. Another part of Mordor is The Black Gate. The Black Gate is the place where the final battle of Middle Earth takes place in the third movie. It is the only thing that protects Mordor from the cities of good. The last part of Mordor is the most important one, it is the Eye Of Souron. The Eye Of Souron is the last source of the fallen ruler of evil Souron. It is a black tower but at the top of the tower is the Eye Of Souron. That is all about Mordor

Minas Tirith

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Minas Tirith is the main gondor city in lord of the rings, it has 2 million people living in it. Minas Tirith plays one of the main parts in lord of the rings, the final battle ends there. Minas Tirith is the place ruled by a mad gondor king who doesn't care if his men. THis is where the future king Aragorn rules gondor.  


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Legolas is my favourite character in lord of the rings, He is an elven prince of a town called lorithen. He is the best archer in the movie because all elves of royalty get special training in archery. He is very stealthy and quick, lastly he does the coolest kills in the movie. That is why Legolas is my favourite character in Lord of the rings.

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