62 Daily Schedule

Black = What we did in class  Red = Homework 

Day 2

Reminders: Write your weekly reflection for Friday. Find it here;volleyball intramurals are up

French: Vocab assessment

Phys. Ed. :12 Min Running

LA/SS: Paragraph writing

LA/SS: Paragraph writing

Math: percent

Math: Percent word problem

Music: Playing instrument <-(Instrumental) ,1,2,3

Day 5 Flight trip tomorrow (bring a litterless lunch);

Reflection due Tomorrow;

Reminders: Bring a litterless lunch tomorrow Reflection due Tomorrow, submit before trip;volleyball intramurals are up

Day 5

French: Oral evaluations

IT: Portfolio websites

Math: Fraction, decimal conversion game

Math: Science: Bernoulli's principle demonstration

Music: practicing Instrument

Science: Math: adding, subtracting decimals


Day 4

Reminders:Flight trip on Friday (bring a litterless lunch); Reflection due Friday;

Two math tests signed, with corrections (in pen) and completed reflections return on Thursday;

Day 4

Thompson Time: What are the learning skills?

LA/SS : paragraph writing; Third Detail

Phys. Ed. : Edor tag, Throwing assessment

French: Oral check-in

LA/SS : Mind Map

Math: Decimals and fractions

Science: Bernoulli's Principle

Day 3

Reminders Flight trip on Friday (bring a litterless lunch); Reflection due Friday;

Two math tests signed, with corrections (in pen) and completed reflections return on Thursday; gym clothes

Art : starting landscapes

Art : Starting landscapes

Math: Review of Place Value

Math: P 41, 42 #3,5

French: Practise the play

Drama: Photos taken


Monday, October 16th

Day 2

Reminders: Flight trip on Friday (bring a litterless lunch); Reflection due Friday;


French: masc. fem. classroom words

Phys. Ed.: Volleyball

LA/SS: look at paragraph ideas

LA/SS: organize ideas for mind map

Math: Mental math

p.  51 #3, 4, 7,

Math: Get fractions quiz signed


Friday, October 13th

Day 1

Phys. Ed.


Math: Factor Trees

French: Choisis le bon mot

Science: Experiments

Science: Bernoulli's principle


Thursday, October 12th

Day 5

Reminders: Phys. Ed. clothes; reflection due tomorrow; Sign up for Class Dojo and add your parents' email

French: Log onto Duolingo

IT: Portfolio websites; Get headphones

Math: quiz

Math: Mental Math

Music: drums / fill out forms

Science: Experiments (properties of air)


Tuesday, October 11th

Day 4

Reminder: Reflection due Friday

Thompson Time: Introducing Mai

LA/SS: Paragraph criteria

Phys. Ed.: Volleyball

French: vocab check-in

LA/SS: Paragraphs continued

Math: Fraction practise, quiz tomorrow

Science: Properties of air experiments

Monday, October 10th

Day 3

Reminders: Reflection due Friday; phys. ed. clothes tomorrow

Art: Elements of Design review

Art: Line landscape project started

Math: Comparing unlike fractions; Review sheet; textbook letter

Math: Mental math (multiplication) Quiz on Thursday (equivalent fractions; ordering, comparing fractions with like/unlike denominators)

French: Read the play

Drama: Intro to mime


Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Day 2

French: video, Choisis le bon mot

Phys. Ed.



Math: Team Building at O'Connor



Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Day 1

Reminders: Bring phys. ed. clothes tomorrow.

Phys. Ed.


Math: Return and sign Connor Problem

French: Learn a song

Science: Start Properties of air experiments



Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Day 5

French: Review gestures


Math: Comparing Fractions

Math: Get Connor Problem signed


Science: Quiz


Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Day 4

Reminders: Wednesday is Open House at 6:00pm -7:30

Bring money for book fair; bring a device (if possible) for tomorrow IT

Thompson Time: Finish Pele

LA/SS: Articles; prepare for your pesentation

Phys. Ed.: Flag Football

French: Choisis le bon mot

LA/SS: Practise Poem

Math: Compare and order fractions

Science: Properties of Air experiments; Vocabulary quiz tomorrow

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 2

Reminders: Science quiz on Tuesday; Bring your running shoes and an umbrella/ change of clothes in case of rain; wear Riptide clothes;

Toonie for Terry; warplane museum

French: Monsieur Dit

Phys. Ed.: Flag Football

LA/SS: Memorize your poem to present next week

LA/SS: Zentangle due Friday

Math: Comparing Fractions

Math: Connor Question


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Reflection for Friday: What makes a good friend?

Toonie for Terry; check phys ed. website for Coneball schedule.

Check email for math questions (improper fractions);

permission forms Warplane Museum

Day 1

Phys. Ed.: Flag Football

LA/SS: Zen tangle for poem; memorize poem

Math: Improper fractions

French: Finish the play

Science: Candle experiment



Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 5

Reminders: Bring a toonie, science quiz

French: Watch the Play

IT: Check gmail

Math: Part to whole

Math: Find the part


Science: Air pressure experiment


Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 4


T.T. - Responsibility

Math- Group problem

Math- Fraction number line

LA/SS- Memorize your I am poem

Phys. Ed. -Ultimate running football

French- Objects in the classroom

LA/SS- Met new friends

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Day 2


Today’s reflection (due Friday): What is my responsibility? How will I make sure I keep my responsibilites?


French: Classroom words activity

Math: equivalent fractions

Drama: ice breakers



Science: Properties of air

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 1

LA/SS: Poem editing

Math: Uncover / Uncover 2 Answer questions Email

Phys. Ed.: Ultimate Football

LA/SS: Face Wordle

French: Group practise

Science: Properties of air,

leadership speeches

Science: Leadership speeches

Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 5

Reminders: get your instrument; return your form;

leadership presentations tomorrow; Colour people; phys. ed. clothes

LA/SS: Poem rough copy complete; words for your picture;

Math - Cover/Uncover

Phys. Ed.: Cone ball

French: Classroom language

Music: Drums

IT: Reviewed BYOD rules

Math: Fraction game

Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 4

Finish next week's agenda for Monday; Bring a water bottle; volleyball (girls) 7:00 am; phys. ed. clothes; X country Monday after school; prepare leadership questions Tuesday.

T.T. - Something about me

Math - Fraction strips

Math - Fraction strips reflection

LA/SS: I am poem first stanza

Phys. Ed. : Coneball- WRite your name on your T-shirt

French - Classroom language

LA/SS: Face wordle

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Day 3

Reminders: write paragraph and bring in an object; me 1-10 good copy; girls volleyball Sept. 18th 7:00 am; forms and money due Friday; bring phys.ed. clothes.

Math: Dots

French: classroom objects crossword

Science: conclusions

Music: Rent instrument

LA/SS: Face wordle


Math: Fraction strips

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day 2

Reminders: Bring in OSORs; Finish object paragraph;

LA/SS: Library; Adjectives are due tomorrow

French: Classroom expressions

Math: Me 1-10 Good copy due Friday

Drama: Rules, expectations

Art: Circle project


Science: Good conclusions

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Day 1

REminders: return you OSOR signed; Agenda fees; Object for Friday

LA/SS: Dictionary game

Math: Me 1-10

Phys. Ed.: Terry Fox run

LA/SS: Reviewed homework

Check spelling of adjectives (Thurs.)

French: Classroom language

Science: Observations

Science: Conclusions

Monday, September 11, 2017

Day 5

Reminders: Return OSOR papers; Bring in an object important to you for Friday, write 7 lines about your object,

LA/SS I am...me

Math: Numbers 1-20

Phys. Ed. Throwing/catching

French: Introductions

Music: Band rentals;

IT: Rules

Math: Collaboration expectations

Friday, September 8, Day 4

Day 4

Reminders: Show and tell next Friday, Digital Citizenship, class list, green permission forms, $15.00 agenda, arts fee. tech, library applications

T.T. Boat Building

Math: Team building

Math: good math partner is, says, does, does not...

LA/SS: Finish letter good copy

Phys. Ed. Cone ball tryouts; check website (physed.rtms.ca) ; bring clothes on Monday

French: Charades


Thursday, September 7, Day 3

REminders: 15.00 agenda fees and art presentation; money for phys. ed. T-shirt ($10.00) optional shorts ($15.00); forms and papers for Mr. Boesch

Math: Assembly

Math: Assembly

Science: Assembly

Music: Band Sign up at Cosmo website

LA/SS: Oh Dear me rough draft


French: Science: How to write a hypothesis

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Finish Information about you page

Get forms signed.

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